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Order and Payment Info

Cats relaxed and happy online shopping

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Order online, confirm the receipt of the payment (including bank transfer or "transfer speed") will arrange the shipment, usually 2-3 working days, the goods will be ready to notify the delivery date

Pre-Order items are included in the order: The time is generally 3-10 working days, depending on the type of goods and supply, arrange delivery with the order

Booking Item: The time is generally 7-10 working days or to 1 month. Depending on the type of goods and supply, after the order is placed, the person will contact to confirmation order. After paying the booking will be completed and wait the goods coming and we will arranged to be delivered  (need orders over $400)

*Old member welcome $ 20 electronic debit amount and bonus points will be deposited into your member account after your first received goods, for next purchase, thank you for supporting the small shop, thank you

*Free shipping once per order for after discounted price over $400, excluding upstairs

*Add order or change the delivery date before 12 o'clock on the day of delivery (please call the store for direct processing

Payment Methods:

  • In-store cash payment
  • Bank transfer or direct entry
  • Bank of China “Fast Payment System” 
  • "FPS” number of accounts = phone number 9656 7303 Bank of China
  • (WhatsApp to us is included the bank receipt or FPS Screenshot "Payment Notice" screen, please indicate your name & contact number)

Bank of China

Account number: 012-581-1-009211-5

Account Name: Luk Yxxxx

WhatsApp bank receipt: 9656 7303

*Because our is small store, we unable to provide multiple payment methods

Or you can place orders directly at the store, also arrange to delivery

About return/replacement arrangements:

When the customer receives the goods, please check the goods and quantity. If the goods are damaged, quality or packaging problems, please take the photo. WhatsApp to notify the store within two days from the date of receipt. And staff has contacted you to follow up, fair and reasonable, to determine the relevant issues, Look for issues to arrange for replace of the goods and subject to the return of the problem goods (completely unused one by one exchange). Retain the invoice, the shop reserves the right to return the goods.

Please do not accept any personal or cats food/life preferences, not suitable for taste, etc., for reasons of return or refund arrangements, please be considerate

*** This shop will not make a second sale ***

- Some manufacturers or wholesaler offer one year of maintenance for their products. If the product purchased by the customer have maintenance service, please contact the manufacturer or wholesaler to repair or replace the product

The shop does not accept any refund arrangements after the confirms order and customer receives the goods

We reserve the right to change all terms and conditions at any time, and we reserve the right to make final decisions on all matters or disputes in the order

For the delivery arrange,  please refer to Delivery Information

In order to avoid cats lacking food and cat litter.  Cats and Master make orders as early as possible

especially for long holidays or rainy seasons