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About Us

A concept, specially designed for the cats host to make the cat master live a happy life, and we hope to pay attention to the street cats also get food and care, and jointly contribute

From fine to large, starting from raising the first cat, it will form an indissoluble bond with the cat. Become a common cat slave, work for the cat master, always wake up early every day to do everything for them before go out, the first thing come back home must take care of cats and cats as fast as possible are full, clean up the litter box. When the cats celebrated their fun and asked for snacks, they saw that they were satisfied with their sleep, and they were relieved to sleep. Of course, they occasionally rushed to the assembly to stretch their muscles. The most hopeful thing in this time is that thousands of prayers will harass neighbors and neighborhoods! There are many happy days, but there are always times when you are sick and your nervousness... Even when you are died, you will stay with cat all night... Because they are alive, we are together for a cat life keep working. After many years of hard work, they will give back to you for healing. Many animal organizations and volunteers in the market care for the cats. Thank you very much.

The story is very long. I haven't talked about their growth and the way they have been together. Interested cat slaves can share with us...A happy is not as happy together

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Store Introduction

Really want to introduce us

The "Cat Family" retail store operates with online stores. It specializes in cat main items and food. Explain that it is just a small shop. Don't mind, although small but complete, there are cats product everything...

You can order everything product for the cat! Meow meow

Alliance " JGOODS 日貨點" boutique & products, make cat master happy

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The highest quality of products

Our products are directly picked up from Hong Kong agents, guaranteed to be licensed goods, do not accept parallel imports, please forgive our shop

Pay attention to the health of cats, the brand and quality of the goods are also carefully selected, and the food expiry date, so that cat can enjoy fresh and healthy food and products.


Gaby Shop Worker

Famale Girl, xx Years Old, Weight 70.2kg, Healthy

Ji Ji Honorary Advisor 

Male Boy, 14 Years Old, Weight 6.2kg, Healthy

Gaga Deputy Shop Master

Famale Girl, 4 & half Years Old, Weight 4.9kg, Healthy

Goku Shop Master

Male Boy, 4 & half Years Old, Weight 5.3kg, Healthy


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