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Delivery Information

Hello, welcome to the delivery information page! Here you can find information about our goods delivery terms and conditions.

You can purchase items online or buy them at our store, or send them to your door for free once with orders after discounted price over $400. We use the best operators in the business to ensure your order arrives. On the Security Checkout page, you will see your product description, quantity and price. Delivery time varies depending on your shipping address, the inventory of the item, and the time the order was placed.

Free shipping once for after discounted price over $400, excluding upstairs

Usually 2-3 working days, the goods will be ready to notify the delivery date

Including Hong Kong Island, Kowloon District and New Territories Downtown Area

Pre-Order items are included in the order: It takes 7 days to 10 days, depending on the type of goods and supply, arrange delivery with the order (excluding the Booking Item)

Add order or change the delivery date before 12 o'clock on the day of delivery (please call the store for direct processing

Must pay attention to the regional delivery date.

Delivery Area

Hong Kong Island
Every Wednesday, Saturday
Kowloon District
Every Monday, Friday
New Territories Downtown Area
Every Thursday, Sunday
*No delivery on public holidays
*In remote areas, no lift or village houses (delivered upstairs), you need to quote separately. If you have any enquiries, please call

Sai Kung and Stanley need to be after discounted price over $950. Temporarily excluding Ma Wan, Tung Chung and Discovery Bay
If need upstairs for no lift or village houses delivery, you can choose the goods to receive on car at street, the fee is free, but please cooperate with the delivery staff to receive the goods, so as not to affect other guests
If you want to help deliver the goods upstairs, it will be determined according to the weight of the goods. The relevant fees will be notified when the order is confirmed
If you need a long staircase to get to the shipping address, I am sorry that we need to add a $30 shipping surcharge. Please inform the actual location when placing the order

- Order online, confirm the receipt of the payment (including payment to the shop, bank transfer or "transfer speed") will arrange the shipment, usually 2-3 working days, the goods will be ready to notify the delivery date
- Pre-Order items are included in the order: It takes 7-10 working days, depending on the type of goods and supply, arrange delivery with the order
- Booking Item: The time is generally 10 days to 1 month. Depending on the type of goods and supply, after the order is placed, the person will contact to confirmation order. After paying the deposit of 60%, the booking will be completed and wait the goods coming and we will arranged to be delivered  (need after discounted price orders over $400)
-  If you have special requirements or urgently need food or cat litter, please submit it at the time of ordering, we will try our best to cooperate. If the store fails to meet customer requirements, please forgive
- According to the regional date, the driver will contact the phone before delivery. Pay attention to the call within the delivery time. If you fail to return home in time, please inform the management office to let us temporarily stock the goods. , if need to be arranged separately, we will charge a shipping fee $70, please help notify the management office
- If you choose the goods storage management office or the door outside your home, the store will not bear any legal responsibility if there is any loss of the goods
- Delivery service will be delayed or otherwise arranged on the day of delivery when typhoon or black rain is in effect, or if road/traffic congestion or weather force majeure
- We reserve the right to change all terms and conditions at any time, and we reserve the right to make final decisions on all matters or disputes in the order

For the ordering and payment process,  please refer to Order and Payment Info

In order to avoid cats lacking food and cat litter.  Cats and Master make orders as early as possible, especially for long holidays or rainy seasons