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Dr.Pet Urinary Tract Care 30g

  • Brand: Dr.Pet
  • Product Code: BBSBDDP0123A
  • Reward Points: 138
  • Availability: Booking Item

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Dr.Pet Urinary Tract Care 30g

Product Details
Detailed Introduction Effectively relieve frequent urination and bladder discomfort Improve urine leakage Prevent the formation and recurrence of urinary stones Reduce the chance of urethral inflammation
Product Composition Fish protein essence, natural seasoning, skimmed milk powder and silica aerogel Active Ingredients (per 1 litre measuring spoon) ———— serving size Cranberries ---- 2210mg Echinacea ———— 2105mg Vitamin C ———— 234mg Oregon Grape Root ---- 234mg
Instructions Cats and dogs-under 15 pounds-1 measuring spoon Dog-16-50 pounds-1-1/2 measuring spoons Dog-51 pounds or more-2 measuring spoons Twice a day for one week, up to three weeks. Then no more than twice a week

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