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Dr.Pet Ear Clean Solution with Tea Tree Oil and Aloe Vera 118ml

  • Brand: Dr.Pet
  • Product Code: BBSBDDP0007A
  • Reward Points: 98
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Dr.Pet Ear Clean Solution with Tea Tree Oil and Aloe Vera 118ml 

Product Details
Detailed Introduction Remove earwax Deodorant Anti-inflammatory and itching
Product Composition Hamamelis, deionized water, glycerin, boric acid, tea tree oil, polysorbate 80, echinacea, natural color, aloe vera, talcum powder fragrance
Instructions Drip the ears of Aloe Tea Tree into the pet ear canal until it fills the ear canal. Then use your fingers to massage the vicinity of the pet's ear roots, and spread to the external ear canal to help dissolve the earwax. Finally, add a few drops onto the gauze or cotton flower to wipe the ear cups and visible area. Do not use a cotton swab to insert the ear canal for cleaning, so as not to plug the ear wax into the ear canal.

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