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Pet Ag Newborn Kittens and Mother Cat Nutrition Milk (Canned) 236ml x2 Cans /$43pc=$86

  • Brand: Pet Ag
  • Product Code: FBFPLPA-99480set2
  • Reward Points: 38
  • Availability: In Stock

HK$38.00 HK$43.00 Price in reward points: 1900
This product has a minimum quantity of 2

Pet Ag Newborn Kittens and Mother Cat Nutrition Milk (Canned) 236ml 

Product Details
Product Property -The most recommended nutritional supplements for newborns, growth, pregnancy, breastfeeding, advanced age or recuperation -Provide high-absorbable nutrient sources for newborn kittens, laying the foundation for growth and health -Rich vitamin group with a variety of minerals, easy to digest and absorb, good taste -100% R & D and production in the US, imported from original original cans, ready-to-drink design, brewing ratio without trouble

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