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Moboli WE Shoulder Travel Cat Capsule - Pink

  • Brand: Moboli
  • Product Code: AACPPmo10290
  • Reward Points: 769
  • Availability: Booking Item

HK$769.00 HK$899.00 Price in reward points: 38450

Moboli WE Shoulder Travel Cat Capsule - Pink

Product Details
Product Description ・Traveling backpack/cat home, two types are satisfied at once ・Exclusively soothing pets on both sides, opening the lid, petting your pets at close range ・It can be used as a travel bag or as a cat home, letting fashion fit into the family ・ABS material/TPE shape carrying handle/5cm braided wide strap/double lock buckle, safe design, easy travel ・Behind the waist cushion, easy to carry zero burden ・Light gray filter transparent cover, reducing environmental irritation while allowing pets to maintain their vision

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