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Mediterranean Natural Serrano Spanish Healthy Anti-Hairball Cat Ham Snacks Sardine 50g (May2020 Expires)

HK$9.00 HK$16.00 Price in reward points: 450

Mediterranean Natural Serrano Spanish Healthy Anti-Hairball Cat Ham Snacks Sardine 50g

Product Details
Detailed Introduction Serrano Snacks from MEDITERRANEAN NATURAL for cats are presented in small pieces, ideal for tasting due to their size, texture and flavour. Made with meat and fish cooked at low temperature, they provide all the nutrients of the raw material and are the ideal food supplement for your cat. They are gluten free, artificial colourants free, GMO free, trans fatty acids free. They come in four flavors: chicken, foie, sardine and salmon and tuna. The first two are a hypoallergenic snack and the fish provide Omega 3 and 6 in the ideal proportions, highly beneficial for the health of your cat. In addition, they contain ingredients that help prevent the formation of hairballs, favoring proper gastrointestinal function.
Product Composition 51% chicken meat, 21.1% sardine, rice, vegetal glycerin, sugar cane fiber. Additives: citric acid. Vitamin A 8600ui/kg; Vitamin D3 900ui/kg; Vitamin E 55ui/kg. Antioxidants: rosemary, oregano oil, beer yeast.
Product Nutrition Protein: 27.8%, Fat content: 6.0%, crude ash: 12.5%, fibre: 2.3%, moisture: 8.5%, 346 Kcal/100g. calcium: 2.3g/100g, phosphorous: 1.5g/100g, magnesium: 0.16g/100g, omega3: 0.26g/100g, omega6: 0.55g/100g.

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