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Asuku Nagasaki DHA+EPA Anchovy 100g (Expired 08/Aug/2021) Only 1 Pack

  • Brand: Asuku
  • Product Code: FSFGN4513441320928
  • Reward Points: 43
  • Availability: In Stock

HK$43.00 HK$49.00 Price in reward points: 2150

Asuku Nagasaki DHA+EPA Anchovy 100g

Product Details
Detailed Introduction Produced by Japan’s asuku professional seafood company, imported with original packaging, specially selected fresh dried anchovies from Nagasaki and baked. Original in Japan, no seasoning and artificial coloring are added in the process. Natural and healthy ingredients make Meow Meow eat zero burden. Dogs eat dried fish to replenish calcium and it is the best bone care product. Rich in calcium and DHA. Make the hair bright, the mind smarter, the bones strong, and supplement the lack of nutrients. Dry food and meal cans can be added to make meals more delicious.
Product Composition Anchovy, antioxidant (vitamin E)
Product Nutrition Crude protein above 64.5%, crude fat above 6.2%, crude ash content below 13.3%, moisture content below 15.7%

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