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Artero Mix Conditioner Spray 1L

  • Brand: Artero
  • Product Code: BBSPCH697
  • Reward Points: 318
  • Availability: Booking Item

HK$318.00 Price in reward points: 15900

Artero Mix Conditioner Spray 1L  Professional Pet Grooming Industry Care Quality Brand - Spain

Product Details
Detailed Introduction Cats and dogs of any (dry/wet) hair quality -Antistatic properties, strengthen hair smooth and flowing -Enhance hair gloss -Abundance effect, enhance visual density
Instructions Dry hair condition: apply to clean hair, evenly at a distance of 30cm Spray the whole body (avoid spraying to the eyes and nose), then comb it Wet hair condition: After beauty, dry the hair with an absorbent towel, spray the whole body evenly at a distance of 30cm (avoid spraying to the eyes and nose), then blow dry and comb it.

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