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Almo Nature Classic Light Cluster - Light Chicken Breast & Eastern Little Tuna 50gx3

  • Brand: Almo Nature
  • Product Code: FWTAA5403
  • Reward Points: 20
  • Availability: In Stock

HK$20.00 HK$32.00 Price in reward points: 1000

Almo Nature Classic Light Cluster - Light Chicken Breast & Eastern Little Tuna 50gx3

Product Details
Product Property The HFC recipes from Almo Nature are made with ingredients that were originally fit for human consumption, but used in our cat food instead. The origin of the ingredients can easily be traced and identified, guaranteeing that the recipes in this range provide a natural and high-quality supply of animal proteins. This keeps the nutritional balance at the highest level and stimulates mental well-being. HFC Light recipes are ideal for maintaining a certain body weight. The rich cooking broth also helps to keep cats hydrated in a natural way.
Product Composition Chicken Breast 雞胸 25%, Eastern Little Tuna 東方小鮪魚 25%, Chicken Broth 雞肉湯汁 47%, Rice 米飯 3%
Product Nutrition Raw Protein 蛋白質:14% Raw Fat 脂肪:0.5% Moisture 水份:83% Raw Ash 灰質:2% Raw Fibre 纖維素:0.1% Energy 熱量:532 Kcal/Kg

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