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AeraMax For Pet - Pro AM2 Medical Grade Smart Air Purifier (99.99% kill virus) [Premium Goods, with two year warranty]

  • Brand: Aera Max
  • Product Code: AASPPam2a
  • Reward Points: 5798
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HK$5,798.00 HK$5,990.00 Price in reward points: 289900

AeraMax Pro AM2 Medical Grade Smart Air Purifier  - Full intelligent sensing, 99.98% antibacterial, strong deodorizing power - American Centennial Brand, Top Three in North America, North American Asthma and Anti-Allergy Association Certification

Product Details
Product Property AeraMax is a brand of Fellowes in the United States. It focuses on designing, developing and producing high-efficiency air purifier products. Its products have quickly won the evaluation of technical innovation, high quality and high efficiency. It is characterized by multi-stage air purification and can effectively reduce Bacteria, allergens, and odors. Aeramax air purification products are certified and recommended for use by multiple authorities, including -North American Asthma and Anti-Allergen Association -California Air Resources Board (ARB) -European Allergy Association -British Allergy Association Fellowes, Inc. was founded in Chicago in 1917. At present, the company has established 17 subsidiaries around the world, and its products are sold to more than 100 countries and regions around the world. AeraMax pet air purifier from the United States, powerful hair suction, deodorization, isolation of 99.97% bacterial viruses, sensitive sources, California Air Resources Board (ARB) certification, 2 years warranty First: Extra thick activated carbon filter effectively removes odors such as pets, sand pots, trash cans, second-hand smoke, and filters dandruff and hair Second: HEPA filter uses AeraSafe antibacterial patented coating technology, which isolates 99.97% of sensitive sources, dust particles and bacterial viruses (including SARS, influenza, hepatitis, etc.) as small as PM0.3, preventing asthma and virus-induced diseases Occurred, the formaldehyde removal rate was as high as 97.8% -Applicable area: 150-300 feet -Suitable for pet families and pet shops Product size: 358x102x574mm

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